Candy-Coated Sickness

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You smile and wave in a friendly manner.



kk u ok

(( great things happen in betabro’s streams ))


kk u ok

(( great things happen in betabro’s streams ))

hello, johnny! we havent talked for a while...right?

You blink at the fluffy little guy in confusion, but still give him a helpless smile. This keeps happening. Different people seem to know you when you have know idea who they are.

i really d-don’t know who you are… but you sure are cu-cu-cute!

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oh hi! so-orry this took so long…

You shuffle in place and look at your feet. It feels so rude not to greet guests when they first arrive!

i'm sorry johnny. </3 i didn't want to leave, i'm so sorry! i wish that i could come back, but i can't no matter how much i want to. don't worry though, there are other daves out there who'd love to hug you and cuddle you and talk to you just as much as i do, so you wont have to miss me tooooo much. you're gonna be just fine johnny, don't worry! <333 you're too sweet for anything awful to happen to you! sweet like lollipops and chocolate hearts and adorable kittens! <33!
but… you gotta come back! you are here now, w-w-why can’t you stay?

i mi-iss you too much for you to stay gone.

As if on cue, a few sparks crackle over your skin at Davey’s mention of anything bad not being able to happen to you. The compliments make you blush the tiniest bit. You are fully aware of how adorable you are, but it always is nice when Davey tells you.

it’s-s not the same. they aren’t my davey.

i miss you m-more! you are the one who left me, though… <//3

why did you leave me, d-da-a-avey? 

The song makes you feel nice and warm inside, but the pain still throbs behind that. When he kisses your nose, you momentarily close your eyes and wrinkle your nose. As happy as you are to see him again, you can’t help but be fairly sure that he isn’t real.

You hand covers your mouth and your eyes go wide. Does this mean that your Davey is alive? No, this has to be an alternate one. Either way, it is very sweet and it makes your heart swell. You miss him so much. When your hand lowers from your face, the visible smile is a bit of both delighted and morose. It is sort of a bittersweet feeling.

i l-l-l-love you, too, davey. <3

and i miss you more. </3

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